We invite enthusiast students to be a part of PiSquare Ambassador program. Promote PiSquare in your campus/college and earn Upto ₹50,000 per month

What is PiSquare Ambassadorship

PiSquare will provide an exclusive discount coupon code to the ambassador (worth 10%). If anyone uses this coupon code, he/she will get 10% extra instant discount on the pisquare course purchase. And ambassador will get the upto ₹51,200 cash based on the number of successful coupon usages. refer to “Ambassador payment details” below for details.

Ambassador payment details

For every Coupon usage, Ambassador will receive ₹100 Cash, and upon reaching the checkpoint ambassador will receive a check point bonus as follows.

Checkpoint  Bonus amount
2 ₹200
5 ₹500
10 ₹1000
20 ₹1500
30 ₹2000
40 ₹2500
50 ₹3500
60 ₹4000
70 ₹5000
80 ₹6000
90 ₹7000
100 ₹8000

Means, within the tenure of ambassadorship, if coupon is used for 100 successful orders then the respective ambassador will earn a total ₹51,200 Cash.

Essential information

  1. Payment is done solely based on number times coupon used successfully.
  2. Payment will be released on the last day of each Month. No intermittent payment requests will be entertained due to any reason.
  3. PiSquare has all the rights to cancel your ambassadorship on the misconduct and will cancel all further payouts.
  4. Products inclusion: Ambassador Coupon is applicable on all packages of pisquare priced above ₹999.
  5. Products exclusion: Ambassador Coupon is not applicable on “course validity extension” package.
  6. Your ambassadorship is valid strictly for 60days only. After 60days you need to apply again for new ambassadorship and you will receive new coupon code after the approval.


  1. Fill the application below for the approval, get a coupon code, start endorsing and start earning big.
  2. If the program works for you, you are going to earn a whopping amount of ₹51,200 every month, otherwise you are not going lose anything?.
  3. Get ready to showcase your ability to promote more and earn more.

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