1a.How to access purchased course content from the app?

1. Goto to the list of courses you have purchased

2. and goto Content as shown below

1b.How to attend the live doubt clearing sessions

Open the course you have purchased and goto Live classes as shown

1c.How to access the offline downloads

1d.How to access free study materials and free tests

1e.How to know the expiry date of my purchased course?

2a.How to access the lectures on PC?

Step1: Visit courses.pi2.in through Chrome browser on your PC/laptop

           Not all courses can be accessible through PC

Step2: Click on Login to access the relevant lectures on PC/laptop

2b.Can i download the videos on PC and watch them offline?

No, it is like Netflix or Amazon Prime. On laptop/PC you can only watch them through the browser (no download and watch option is there). But, you can download and watch them offline on mobile (PiSquare app) and watch them later without internet just like Netflix mobile app.

3.Listen to PiSquare Radio

4.How to check the solutions for online tests

Goto the test you want to check the solutions

and scroll down to the last to check the detailed solutions.