‎While the world waits for brilliants to be born, we believe in making them.

PiSquare Academy was founded with an objective of bridging the knowledge gap which students encounter, by providing lectures with 3D animations, interactive tools and specially developed apps, we strive to keep up our slogan “We help in bridging the gap with multiplied effort”. We strive to provide quality lectures which helps the students in gaining good knowledge and confidence, which will intern help them cracking the interviews and competitive ready engineers.

Our motto is to make the students confident with the engineering degree they hold and show them the beauty of engineering and its application, which will haunt them to learn more in the right manner. We don’t just teach what to learn; rather, we also focus on teaching how to learn.

The Journey of PiSquare has begun with small classroom in Bhubaneswar with the most advanced teaching techniques in GATE industry. We are the first to provide classes with digital and smart teaching aids in India for GATE. We continue to bring some more advanced teaching aids which will help the learners to understand and build the concepts and crack the exams.